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Shamrock Farms mmmmilk at Walmart #shamrockatwalmart

Shamrock Farms

In two short weeks we will be back-to-school. I quickly learned last year that after school snacks are the only thing my kids care about when they walk in the door. My mission is to go healthy and simple while still enticing them with snacks they will happily eat. I am pairing Shamrock Farms protein-packed on-the-go mmmmilks with two delicious recipes. You can find the 12 oz. Shamrock Farms mmmmilk at your local Walmart for $1!

Shamrock Farms

Apple Rings and Shamrock Farms mmmmilk 

Full recipe video


Protein Popsicle Smoothies and Shamrock Farms mmmmilk

Full recipe video.

Shamrock Farms on-the-go mmmmilks are available at select Walmarts nationwide

Find 2% chocolate, chocolate milk, 2% strawberry, whole regular milk, fresh and nutritious with no added hormones. The 12-oz on-the-go milks are perfect for lunch boxes and after-school snack time. Each variety offers more than 25% of the daily recommended value of protein.


Learn more about Shamrock Farms mmmmilk  at Walmart. 

mmmmilk shamrock farms protein popsicles

Disclosure: Post is sponsored by Shamrock Farms. Recipes are adapted from Roxie’s Midday Menu.

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